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"With my second chance at life, it is my desire to make a difference in my family and my community! ”

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Raw and powerful

Raw, powerful, and eloquently written. Kommah’s story about her battle with Cancer and the effects of treatment, offers hope and courage. Deeply moving as she unfolds the many hurdles she faced. This is a story for everyone. Her story is truly a gift to the world. You will not want to put it down except to grab a tissue.



 Must Read

Kommahs book is a must read for anyone wanting to be inspired. This book is a love story with a Belief in God that is so strong it rekindles your belief in a higher power.
Kommah is an inspiration to us all.
You have to read this book!
Your struggles will seem manageable after reading what Kommah overcame!


Your talk was amazing and inspiring.  I will definitely be reading your book and I've already spoken to my boss about patient advocacy programs.  Your talk really put things in perspective for me as a therapist who has only been in the field 1 year.


Kommah McDowell teaches us that a positive & hopeful life perspective

is the only way to live.

"Kommah McDowell’s book “Silver Lining” is one of the most inspirational, and life affirming, stories you will ever read. It will give you a wonderful life perspective and confirm that living your life with positive hope is the only way to live!"


Emotional and enjoyable

"This book helped me understand gratefulness. Cancer was my worse fear but Kommah reminded me that God has everything under control. Keep praying and never give up are the keys for not quitting our journey in this world."


Beyond the sentimental journey of healing

"Many books exploring the journey through a health crisis are touching but too many of them don't give you the day to day realities of what it is actually like for not just the survivor but those who care for them also. Kommah goes beyond the abstract ideas of hope and health that you may have read before. As someone who wouldn't buy a sweet sentimental book about someones journey, I was fascinated to read about her journey through the eyes of those around her and their stark honesty in what it took to help her through it. This isn't just for those who have survived cancer, I haven't, but I was absolutely taken in by the 360 degree view provided by all who spoke up for Kommah."


An easy honest and in-depth read

"If you’re looking for an honest, in-depth journey into the world of cancer, love, and reflection, this book will scratch that itch perfectly. Read it. Pass it on to friends or family that are going through challenges with their health or are supporting loved ones with challenging diagnosis."

Ann C.

Raw and REAL

"This book is so raw and REAL. I was crying by page two (probably because I read this while going through breast cancer myself). Koko does a perfect job hitting on all the aspects of what it’s like to have Cancer (pain, emotions, and impact on relationships). Everyone’s experience with Cancer is different but the feelings and pain are all so similar. Koko’s ability to take this experience and gracefully look to God, past the negative, and do good by impacting others is what makes this book so inspirational. If you or someone you know if going through Cancer, this is a must read!"

Melissa S.

Today is more important than yesterday and God willing I'll say it again tomorrow.

"First of all, I would like to thank Kommah McDowell for having the courage and faith to share her journey. To relive such a tragic time in your life and to put it writing with such vivid detail is truly amazing. And hopefully life changing for someone who is truly in need inspiration."


Miracles are real

"This book was very well written, the words seem to come right off the pages, I felt like I was on the journey with her. It took me three days to read it, and each day I couldn’t wait to get to the next page. It made you laugh, cry, and count your blessings.GOD is great and He is truly a healer and a miracle worker! After loosing both of my parents to Cancer, it is a blessing to witness someone who beat the odds. God bless you Kommah McDowell!"

Diahann C.

She is as genuine as the book she wrote

"I was recently diagnosed with cancer and she reached out to me. After receiving her book I read it from front to back. Her message is one to never give up HOPE. This is a must read for anyone going through something."


Happy family
Doctor Holding Patient's Hand


To me, supporting the Fight Against Cancer includes supporting cancer patients and their family in treatment.  As a survivor who knows the power of having a strong resourceful village during my journey, my family and I want to be a village for others in treatment.  Therefore, I am leading the charge of funding cancer patients in treatment.  My family and I donate part of the proceeds from every paperback book sold to Breast Cancer Solutions.  An organization that serves patients in treatment. 


Breast Cancer Solutions was founded in 1998 to eliminate barriers to breast cancer treatment for patients experiencing financial hardship. Since inception, BCS has assisted thousands of clients who would have otherwise delayed, stopped or been denied treatment.  

For additional information regarding this AMAZING organization visit them online at  

For additional resources for breast cancer patients in treatment:  RESOURCES

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