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Kommah McDowell, MSLM

About Me

An inspiring and proven leader and patient advocate, Kommah McDowell currently serves as a National Patient Speaker for City of Hope, a Comprehensive Cancer Research Institute in Duarte, CA. She also sits as the Chair of the Board for Breast Cancer Solutions, a local Orange County, CA organization that provides financial assistance and resources to breast cancer patients in treatment.  She began her national speaking career after her diagnosis of Triple Negative Inflammatory Breast Cancer in 2005. Before stepping into the national spotlight, Kommah was Founder and Executive Director of Kommah Seray Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation (KSIBCF).   KSIBCF was formed as a legacy project for Kommah due to the looming 95 percent mortality rate associated with her diagnosis.  Fortunately, Kommah did not succumb to the mortality rate.


Through KSIBCF, Kommah and her team served thousands of families by providing financial relief to ensure the continuation of treatment and the stability of families.  As a professional Patient Advocate and Navigator, she was a key contributor to several Breast Cancer Studies in conjunction with City of Hope’s Center of Community Alliance for Research and Education, Inland Empire Breast and Cervical Cancer Collaborative, National Institute of Health, California Breast Cancer Research Program, to name a few.  She is consistently pushing the platform for patient-centered care, owning one’s voice and shattering fear through perseverance to ignite a cognitive paradigm shift toward possible impossibles.  


Kommah is a dynamic key note speaker, workshop facilitator, and panelist contributor for healthcare and leadership summits, corporate meetings, and philanthropic events. She particularly loves addressing diverse subjects, including her mantra– achieving possible impossibles. She has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, National City of Hope Commercials, ForbesBooks Radio, Forbes Health Summit 2019, Oprah Magazine, Channel 2 News, Talk Radio, Rose Parade float mural and guest and other outlets. 


She holds a Master of Science in Leadership and Management from University of La Verne in La Verne, CA and is certified in Professional Advancement in Philanthropy from the Center of Philanthropy and Protecting Human Rights Participants for research from the National Institute of Health.


Kommah lives in San Diego County with her husband, Charles, and son (Christian).  She and her husband Charles, are the Pit Crew for their son as he ventures into the sport of Karting with the aspiration of becoming a Formula 1 Champion.









My Mission

Living to Serve

As a survivor of a rare disease, a paradigm shift occurred in my life that set me on a personal mission to serve.  I live to serve the needs of those in need.  There are no boundaries or limits to whom or how I serve, so long as there is a legitimate need.  

As professional speaker, it is my duty to serve as a representative for the patient's voice and perspective in the medical arenas, cancer community, advocacy world, workplace and legislation.  With extensive experience in each of these industries, my desire is to enhance the conversation by infusing the patient's experience.

In addition, I am equally passionate about individuals finding their voice, pushing boundaries and pursuing the IMPOSSIBLE things this life has to offer.  As a POSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE, I live outside of the "box" and I don't allow fear to set limits that perseverance is able to shatter.  From children to adults, supporters to leaders, blue collar to CEO, I live to inspire the fervor for IMPOSSIBILITY.

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